Dear Darling,

Tomorrow you are six! For us that’s 3 1/2 years of loving you. I know you’ve been loved since the day you were born, you are so loved. We may not have known you since that beautiful day 6years ago, but we will love you forever more, for sure. I don’t remember what we were doing that day, but I did take this very pretty picture. I’d written that I love spring and the new life it brings, little did we know that on that day, a very pretty little girl was born. We waited another 2 1/2 years to meet you, but it was so worth the wait.

So, this year, it’s flown by. You’ve continued to get taller, and more clever. Your feet at size 2, and you’re in age 9-10 clothes! You’re starting to help to do your hair, and you love a pamper session at the hairdressers. You can properly read and write now. You’re really good at maths too. You love music, and it’s lovely to hear you playing. Music really relaxes you. Hopefully this year you can start learning to play an instrument. I can’t wait to hear what you play. I love your stories and drawing. So creative and expressive now. You’ve done amazing at school, and have become a school councillor. You’re great at thinking of other people, and wanting to help them. You’re a really caring, thoughtful girl. We were really proud when you got a merit certificate before Christmas, for your writing. It certainly has got so much better recently. Very well deserved.

You’ve loved gymnastics, and have now got two proficiency awards. You work really hard in lessons, and always come out telling me all about how you’ve done. You’ve got a new bike, and hopefully once we can go out and about again, you can practice a bit more. You still love scooting, and love the little seat we got to put on the front, so the doggies can have a ride.

We enjoyed a lovely summer, and had some great fun. I think your favourite activity was swimming in the outdoor pool. You did really well at holiday club, and often brought your creations home. We went on holiday in the hottest week of the year. Luckily we went to the seaside, so you spent a lot of the time cooling off in the sea. And eating ice-creams. We were very grateful for our air conditioned room, so we slept very comfortably at night.

We are so proud of how you have taken to increased contact with your Birth Relative. It’s a lot, for the grown-ups to take in, so you as a little girl have done so well. I’m so glad we get to see your relative more now, I’m sorry we didn’t do it sooner. I love it when we see them. I love seeing how happy and relaxed you both are. I love that you have this connection. I love that we have lots of happy photos as memories. I love that we are finding out about your life with them before you came to us. I am sorry you can’t see them as much as we’d like, but what we’ve got is a start, and hopefully we can build on that as time goes on. It was so special you being able to speak to them on your birthday. I know it will have made their day, and made them very very happy.

You are such a sunshine girl, and bring smiles, laughter and fun on the hard days. This year has had its fair share of hard days for sure. In the summer we lost the 2nd baby in my tummy. You didn’t know, I’ll tell you one day, but I didn’t want to make you sad. You would have loved to be a big sister. One day I hope you will. Until then, we’ll make the most of having you to ourselves. Having you here on those tough days have kept me going. You are the best medicine I could ask for. One of our favourite songs to sing to each other is 🎶 ☀️ You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey. You’ll never know dear how much I love you. Please don’t take my sunshine away☀️🎶 My little love, you have no idea how much sunshine you’ve bought to my life on those dark days. Thank you.

This year has certainly been a challenge, and we’ve only had a few months. I am so incredibly proud of how you’ve coped with everything thing that the Corona Virus has thrown at us. You woke up on the Monday morning to be told you weren’t going to school, and now 5weeks later you’re doing amazingly. Your whole world turned upside down in an instant, with no warning. But then I think about how you’ve sort of done this before. Every time you moved to a new home, you started all over again. I hope that having us with you this time has made it a little more reassuring for you. I hope you feel safe. For a little girl who is so sociable and friendly, it’s really really hard seeing you not be able to play with your friends or family. For someone who loves being out and about, it’s frustrating having to keep you indoors so much. But, I have loved spending this bonus time with you. I have loved watching you learn and play. I have loved cooking and reading with you. It’s been fun to document what we’ve been doing. I think it inspires others. Hopefully we’ll look back on this time as a fun, relaxed time. Hopefully we won’t have to do it again, but I am so grateful to have had you. I don’t know how I would have got through it without you. You have kept me busy, you have kept me motivated. Thank you!

Your sixth birthday, wasn’t quite what we had planned, and you missed out on so much. But do you know what, we all had a lovely day, and it went as well as we’d hoped it would. I am so proud of you, you haven’t moaned or complained once. For a little girl who is only six, a lockdown birthday is really not what you’d want. I hope you still had fun. I hope you feel very special and loved. I’m so glad you loved your cake. Daddy and I loved making it for you. I know you said you never ‘happy cried’, but I think you did, and it made me cry too. I’m so glad we made you happy on your special day, I hope we do everyday. Once we’re allowed out again, we’ll have another birthday for you. We’ll have another cake and a big ballon too. So, you’re a special girl with two birthdays this year. Hopefully looking forward to that will keep us all going u til we celebrate with family again.

So, here’s to this next year. I’m sure it will be filled with fun and adventures, and exciting experiences. You’ll be in year 2 at school, I’m sure the teachers have lots of interesting learning planned for you when you go back. Hopefully we can do some more cycling and swimming at some point too.

Lots of love, Mummy Dearest….. XXXXXX

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