Celebration ?

This week we have the Celebration Hearing of the Adoption Order in court, so I wrote a little letter to my daughter…

Dear Darling,

This week we celebrate you and all that you are. We celebrate that you’ve become ours legally and forever. We celebrate the journey we all took to get to this point. We celebrate the past and anticipate the future.

I’ve been reflecting on the last year, and thinking about all thats happened to us all. This time last year we didn’t know about you, didn’t know that you existed and didn’t know that you were going to become ours one day. Once we first saw your smiling face in your profile, everything moved very quickly, and you also very quickly wriggled your way into our hearts. We first met you nearly 9months ago. I can’t believe it’s only been 9months as it feels like you’ve been ours forever. I remember the 1st time we met you. We heard you before we saw you as you ran to the door to let us in. When I saw your smiling face looking up at us, and when you said ‘it’s Mummy & Daddy!’ my heart skipped a beat. Although we had little experience of small children we instinctively got down on the floor to play with you. We had a stacking toy, and I clearly remember you staring intently at Daddy whilst we played. You’d never had a Daddy before, and seemed fascinated by him. One of my favourite things is to watch you two together. To have seen your deep bond and love grow. It’s a special thing. A favourite memory of intros was walking with you hand in hand between us, and you just smiling and having a great time.

This week we celebrate how far we’ve all come since we became a family. We’ve had our ups and downs as any family does, but you keep us going. You are the reason we get up everyday, our desire to give you our best is what drives us even though sometimes we feel at a bit of a loss. At times we’re not sure if we’re doing it right, questioning if your behaviour is down to being a toddler or ‘trauma’ However, our love for you is never questionable or lessened.

You are growing into a beautiful little girl, with gorgeous twirly curly hair and the biggest heart melting smile. You are the friendliest girl I know, always happy to say hello to any passing person or doggy. Despite all you’ve been through you still have your positive sunny personality. We’re so proud of you, and all you’ve achieved in your life so far.

So, this week as we celebrate you, we look forward to the future and all it will bring. We’re excited to see who’ll you become and what great things you’ll get up to.

Thank you for making us Mummy and Daddy, and for being ‘our little baby, our precious loved little girl, forever!’

Happy Celebration Day sweetheart,

Lots of love

Mummy x

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