Happy Father’s Day

Happy first Father’s Day to our little girl’s Daddy!

This weekend is Father’s Day, and it’s the first one our little family will be having. To celebrate, I thought our daughter could help me write this post. (she is 3) So, 1st thing this morning I asked her to tell me some things about her Daddy, here goes….

1)What does Daddy look like?

He’s got a belly

He’s got a brown nose

He’s got a beard on his face

2)What do you like about Daddy?

He gives good cuddles and kisses

He plays with the toy fairground

He plays with the Duplo, and makes the huge tower with the rabbit on top

He reads me books

He gives me cuddles in the night (she loves the ‘out of bed’ cuddles when she gets out to sit on his knee to cuddle)

3) What is the thing you like best about Daddy ?


As you can see, she really really loves her Daddy, and it’s been lovely and such a privilege to watch this special relationship develop. She has never had a Daddy before. As far as we’re aware there was no father figure for her in her birth family, and the female foster carer seemed to do the majority of her care. She talks about the female foster carer a lot, but hardly ever the male one. She took to her Daddy from the moment they first met, she was fascinated by him on their first meeting.

We were very lucky in that initially her Daddy worked from home, so he was around in the day, and she could see him several times a day, this I’m sure really helped develop that strong attachment to him. Now he works away from home, she loves it when he comes back at the end of the day, to see her so excited and happy to see him is really cute. It’s him she usually calls for at night or when she’s unsettled before sleep. He’s much better than me at staying calm, and is able to help her calm down and settle when all I want to do is walk away and cry. He does give amazing cuddles. she’s one lucky girl to have him.

Daddy has grown into his role brilliantly, and I’m so proud of how he’s done. Adoption was always my idea and dream, and he supported me throughout. He was willing to go through the assessment because it was something I wanted to do, even though he’s a very private person who doesn’t give much away. During that time, he came to share this dream as something we would do together. He was the sensible one, and the voice of reason during matching, without his wisdom and head thought (I’m all heart thoughts), we wouldn’t have the fantastic daughter we do. He didn’t have much experience of young children, but somehow just knew what to do with our daughter, I think that’s called natural Daddy skills! He has supported me massively. He’s great at getting me to talk about things if I need to, or knowing that it’s better to just let me have some peace and quiet. He’ll give me a break if needed. He is doing all this around juggling a busy more than full time job as a self-employed ‘IT geek”

So, we just want to say a huge ‘Thank-You’ to an amazing daddy and husband for being you, we’d be lost without you!


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