Last year I wrote my little girl a birthday letter when she turned three, (read here) so I thought I’d make it a little yearly tradition and write again this year. I can’t believe another year has come gone so quickly She’s growing up too fast, but is becoming such a beautiful girl who makes me so proud.

Dear Darling,

Happy fourth birthday! I can’t believe you’re four already, not a baby or toddler any more, but now a grown up wonderful little girl. It’s your second one with us, so hopefully it will feel a little more familiar this year. Since your last birthday we’ve celebrated a few more family birthdays, so you’ll know to expect a yummy cake, presents and very importantly tasty food. As promised I’ll make sure we have some ‘multi-coloured Babybels’ the ones you so want. You’re having a little mini party this year with your little friends. Mummy has been pretty excited to organise your party, I think its a job every parent enjoys ticking off the list of ‘things parents do’ I have loved seeing your little friendships start to grow this last year. You’re such a kind sweet little friend. Always willing to give a little kiss and a cuddle. You’re so good with the little ones too.

So much has happened in the last year, and we’ve had so much fun and many firsts together. Some of the highlights have been taking you swimming for the first time. Fun in the snow for the first time. Going to the Indian restaurant for Daddy’s Birthday. Our lovely 2nd Christmas together. When you realised Santa had brought you a ‘purple teddy’ liked you asked him for, it made my day. so special! We’ve Run more races and won more medals. You’ve learnt to  ride your bike and scooter. You’re very proud you can jump, and are nearly there with hopping too. We went on a train ride and you were so excited. We’ve had contacts with your foster carer and birth family, and I’m so proud of how you coped with both. We’ve legally become a family, and we’ve been to see the Judge. Only really special children get to see the Judge, and even more special ones get to sit in his chair and wear his robes! You’ve also had a new baby cousin, and I love to see how much you love her, she’s so lucky to have you as her big cousin. You’re going to be a cousin again soon, and I know you’ll adore the new little baby too.

You started nursery this year too, and I’m so proud of how well you’ve settled and got on. They all love you there, and I love getting little updates. I love that lunch is often a highlight, and all those drawings and paintings are wonderful. I love that you were so proud when you learnt to spell and write your name, so clever! Now you know all your letters and phonics it won’t be long until you can read by yourself, you’re going to love reading, I did when i was a little girl too. I know you’re not always keen on getting up to go to nursery, I’m not a morning person either, but I do love those sleepy morning cuddles as I get you ready.

Although there have been some great bits of the last year, it’s not all been easy. I really wish I could make it all alright for you I do. I hate to see you so upset and confused. We’ve talked a bit about how and why you came to live with us, and it really unsettled you, It makes me so sad that someone so little has to carry all those thoughts and feelings. It’s not fair, it’s really not. We’ll always be there on this journey with you, and we’ll do everything we can to help you. I know that at times I’ve not been the best or the most patient of mummys, and I’m sorry when I’ve upset you or made things worse. You’ve taught me so much about myself this year, and have given me a drive to continually try to do better. I do love it when we’re ‘friends again’ and your cuddles really are the best.

So, lots to look forward to in your year of being four. There’ll  be new babies, hopefully holidays and learning to read and write. The biggest change will be school in September, how did that come round so quickly?! You take everything in your stride and cope so well, so I know you’ll do just fine. It might make you feel a bit unsure and anxious, but don’t worry, we’ll help you through. You’re going to love school, reception looks like so much fun!

So, happy birthday sweetheart, keep doing what you do best and keep growing into the most precious of girls with the most beautiful of curls. You may be growing up really fast and are now four,  but you’ll still be our little baby girl forever more….

Love Mummy x

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