’Mum Body’

Today I read a post about a mum who was talking about her ‘mum body’. It was about how in her eyes she wasn’t perfect, but that’s ok because her body had grown & given birth to babies. She celebrates all the ‘undesirable’ bits because having children was what gave her them.

It got me thinking about an adoptive mother’s ‘mum body’. Sometimes when I read these sort of posts on the one hand it makes me feel like the message is that those mums who have given birth to a baby are superior to those who haven’t.  On the other hand, it does remind me that growing and giving birth to a baby is truely amazing, so it should be celebrated.

I think adoptive mum’s sometimes feel that society views them as less of a mum because they didn’t give birth to their child. It makes them feel that they/their body is a failure because they couldn’t/didn’t get pregnant, or because they couldn’t keep that precious baby they did have inside for however long.

So, I would say to all adoptive mums,  be proud of your ‘mum body’. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t give birth to your child, they’re still yours. You’re still being a mum, just like all the other mums. Your body got you through all the ups and downs of the adoption process and long after it. It got you through the good times and not so good times. You can be proud of how strong you are, how determined you are, how resilient you are. Your body has loved a hurting child and may have taken many literal batterings, but it still stands and it still keeps going day in, day out. Celebrate you & your wonderfulness. Believe in yourself & remember you’re doing an amazing job. Look after yourself, be kind to yourself & remeber that your ‘mum body’ is worth celebrating just as much as all the other mums  out there….


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  1. In my humble opinion people who adopt are to be revered not many of us would have the guts, stamina and strength of mind to go through everything you have had to do. So yes, please do be proud of your mum bodies. You deserve everyone’s respect.

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