Dear Darling,

Was, seven already! where did there last year go?! In some ways it seems to have been the longest year, and in other ways it’s gone so quickly. Another birthday in Lockdown. We weren’t expecting that were we? At least you had your amazing unbirthday at Granny & Grandpa’s in the summer. I’m sure we can arrange another unbirthday this year to make up for a very low key and quiet day this year.

So, what a year we’ve all had! You’ve missed nearly 9months of in-person school time. But, what was school’s loss was our gain, and we had a brilliant time at our Most Amazing School. I loved learning with you. You were very patient with me & Daddy being your teachers. We make a good team us 3. I’ve loved having you home all this time, so much more time to play and do projects together. I think a highlight for me has been (mostly) Daddy reading you so many books. We’ve enjoyed Roald Dhal and Harry Potter together. You’re so good at listening and taking it all in. You don’t forget anything either. Its been lovely to see you really start to enjoy reading longer books to yourself. It’s a great thing to be lost in a book. You’ve definitely inspired me to read more for pleasure myself. I’ve loved see you really relax and enjoy imaginative play too. It’s taken a while, but again it’s a great skill to have.

You’ve done lots of scooting and cycling this year. You’re getting much stronger and faster now. I think your biggest achievement has been being able to cycle to school and back from the new house. It was a big change, but your adapted amazingly well. I love the cycle home when we get to the top of the hill and can zoom down the other side. Smelling the pizza as we pass.

So, a whole year of Corona Virus, boo!!. It’s meant not being able to see your foster carer or birth relative. It’s meant only seeing Granny and Grandpa and your cousins a few times. I know they miss you all, and can’t wait to see you as soon as we can. It’s meant no swimming, or days out. It’s meant no holiday club. It’s meant a few tests, which although you hate, you’re always very brave. It’s meant isolation at home. It’s meant not going to the shops or friends houses to play. It’s meant a very different Christmas, where we weren’t able to hug or be close to each other. It meant wearing masks at home, and Mummy eating Christmas dinner on the stairs! That first hug after isolation was the best one ever! But, as always you kept me going. You kept me cheerful. You were my reason to get up each day and carry on. But, it has meant lots of quality time together. Lots of slow mornings, and lots of walks and trips to the local parks. It’s meant lots of cooking and baking. Lots of film watching. Lots of PE with Joe together. Lots of time in the sunshine. Lots cuddles. Lots of playtime with the dogs. A few sleepovers. Some exciting post & sending things to family/friends. Lots of zooms. Gymnastics was back on for a short while, but then we stayed home for it. You’ve gone up a class now, and you won lots of merits for your team. Well done!

This year has also meant a huge change for you because we moved house! You coped so amazingly well, you made us very proud. I’m so glad you settled so quickly, and felt so at home in the new house straight away. I love that you have a lovely big bright bedroom, and a much better playroom. The garden will be great when it gets a bit warmer. We’re much closer to the shops now, which means we’re closer to treats for lunch…You’ve also adapted brilliantly to a new before and after school routine, and are managing cycling so well. We’ll have to be looking for a new bigger bike soon! Everyone loves your cool cycle helmet, I sure it makes you cycle quicker!

As usual you’ve continued to grow this year. You’re now in size 2 or 3 shoes, you’ve caught me up now! And your clothes are ages 10/11 mostly. You like dressing yourself now sometimes too. You’re hair is growing too, well it did until Mummy has given it the chop a couple of times in Lockdown. We put even more lotions and potions on it now. As ever, you’re very patient with me.

We’ve kept in touch with your birth relative on the phone, and listening to you chat to them on the phone has to be one of my favourite things. I’m so glad you get to keep in touch with them, and hopefully we’ll be able to see them a bit more this year. I know they really love seeing you and chatting to you on the phone. You helped our adoption agency with some training by talking about your experiences of keeping in touch with your relative. I know that it will make other families think more about the benefits of keeping in touch with their children’s birth family.

Your birthday this year was very much Harry Potter themed. Your Harry Potter mad! You love the books and the films. You know a lot about Harry Potter. You are convinced ‘the others’ live here with us, and it’s hilarious to hear you telling Fred & George off. I know it was a quiet day, but hopefully it was still special for you. Daddy & I were very proud of your cake we made. You do love your Hogwarts robes, you definitely look the part!

So, as we look to the year ahead, there’s lots to look forward to. Hopefully things will start to open up now and we can go out and about a bit more. Plus see more friends and family. You’ll be back to gymnastics, and into your last term in year 2! Next year you’ll be in the Juniors, growing up too fast! I’m sure we’ll have lots more adventures together, and only another 4years until you should be getting your Hogwarts letter!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl,

Lots of love,

Mummy, Dearest……